Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fair reminders

Sent on behalf of Kaci Daniel, Extension Agent, 4-H


Hello, it’s me again!  Because it’s Fair Week, there will probably be daily reminders.  Many thanks to those who have put in so much effort to get the fairgrounds ready!  They’re really looking good.


·         Please remember to PARTNER with the fair board.  Smile, say thank you, ask how you can help.  A little effort goes a long way. 

·         Animals may arrive Wednesday evening if you wish.  Department leaders have assigned spaces; please do not change your assignments without approval.

·         All animals must be on the grounds by Thursday at 9:00 a.m.  Weigh-in of market animals will be conducted Thursday morning.

·         An exhibitor meeting will be held Thursday at 11:00 a.m. in the show ring.  Please be there for important reminders and some goodies!

·         Ice.  We will need lots of ICE for the water bottles.  If you have a large cooler and can get ice donated, please do so.  We need to know who has contacts for ice and on what days you can bring it!

·         We can also use large blocks of ice, so you can freeze some gallon jugs or plastic containers at your home and bring those. That process needs to be started today or tomorrow to be ready for Thursday through Saturday. 

·         Show Harnesses – Livestock Club members, bring yours!  We will have show numbers this year, so please bring an exhibitor show harness if you have it, or some string or safety pins to attach the numbers to your shirt.  We also have numbers for goat and dairy exhibitors if you choose to use them.  Cloverbuds do not need numbers.


Stay tuned for more info, and don’t forget to stop by the grounds and volunteer your services.  Much has been accomplished, yet there is still much to be done!