Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Polar Bear Plunge this Morning!!!

We had a brave group of campers risk the Polar Bear Plunge this morning!  The early morning swim was refreshing for sure.  Some said it was "freezing"; others were tough and said, "That wasn't cold at all!"  Either way, we are grateful to staffers Chimp and Outlaw for lifeguarding and Extension Agents Kaci and Kelly for chaperoning this event for our campers.  Adult volunteer Asa gets extra credit - he took the plunge!

The photos show the sun coming up, the campers waiting on the whistle that okayed them to jump in, and then the actual plunge!  

Last night's evening program was the Duck Hunt - a series of challenges campers had to complete in their quest for rubber ducks.  We'll post more on that later, but we were excited to share the Polar Bear Plunge with you as you sit down to your desks this morning.