Monday, June 17, 2013

Guest Blogging by Camp Teen Counselors

From Kel-Bel of the Rattlesnake Pack:
This morning started off great! A couple of counselors and I started the campers' morning off by singing some funny camp songs! After breakfast all of the classes broke out. I helped with Digital Scrapbooking, which is a new class here at camp. We took pictures from home and from around camp to make different types of collages. There are far more picture effects than I can count. Everyone has three classes and is looking forward to a great rest of the camp day. I know I am!
From Blondie of the Hawk Pack:
I had a fantastic morning! I got all my campers up & ready. When we got to the dining hall other teen counselors were singing songs to pump everyone for breakfast. The breakfast was really good, too.  We had French toast, bacon & cereal…yum! Then we had flag raising. Classes started; I teach creative crafts first & we were making collages with magazines.  Even though I didn't have all the supplies I needed, I improvised with no problems. I had canoeing second & we learned the proper rules & instructions. We got to go to the other side of the lake & back; it was a lot of fun! So far camp seems to be going great :)