Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Virginia Cooperative Council Youth Conference

Each spring, the Virginia Cooperative Council (VCC) sponsors an Institute on Cooperative Education, a youth leadership conference for up to 64 Virginia high school youth. The primary objective of this conference is to educate youth about the unique cooperative form of business. Through an interactive, educational, and entertaining conference, students will enhance their teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.  This year, the conference will be held April 5-7.

After learning about the history of the cooperative structure of business, students will play a computer based simulation, where they create their own businesses and make all the decisions with it.  At the end of the conference, winners are announced.  This year, there is a scholarship portion that goes along with winning, and the top eight participants get to the national cooperative conference.

This conference is held at Graves Mountain Lodge in Madison.  Enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and enjoy the all you can eat food!

The application is posted on the document library, here under the blog post follow up session along with a document with more information about the conference.  The application is due March 22.