Thursday, August 9, 2012

Virginia Junior Livestock Expo (replacing State Fair shows) Entry Deadline - August 15

Please do not forget that the online entry deadline for the Virginia Junior Livestock Expo is in ONE WEEK!  All entries must be made online by Wednesday, August 15th at 5:00 PM EST!!  Please be aware there will be some things that you will need when you enter your animals:

1.       You will need to be able to print the form to mail it in, so please make sure you have a printer available.

2.       You will need time to take the entry form to the Extension Office for a signature that will confirm your membership in the organization.

3.       You will need the exhibitor’s social security number as it will be required for tax purposes before any payments will be made (this site is extremely secure and it will be kept completely confidential).

4.       You will need all information pertaining to the animal (i.e. number of animals, breeds if applicable, classes you want to show in and the registration/tattoo number if the animal is registered).


Please remember that the best way to avoid problems in this process is to complete it EARLY!!  The online entries MUST be completed by August 15th at 5:00 PM if you want to show at the VJLE, but the entry site is open already, so please take some time to complete your entries early. 


To find out more information about online entries please go to the “Livestock Entries” tab at the VJLE website (


If you have any questions regarding the entry process please contact Paige Pratt, 540-231-4732, or