Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Workshops- We've Been Busy!

Shew!  The first couple weeks of summer here at the extension office have been super busy!  Not only did we go to 4-H Camp and 4-H Congress, we have also had 3 workshops so far!

Workshop 1 was our Mad Science and Engineering workshop.  We learned about the scientific method, stood on 2 dozen eggs without any of them breaking, made our own lava lamps, and exploded some Diet Coke and regular Coke.  And that was just the beginning!

Workshop 2 was Wee-Tea.  We learned about having good manners, made tea party snacks, and then had our own fancy tea party where everyone used all their good manners that they just learned about. 

Workshop 3 was Cupcake Wars workshop.  We went over to Greenock Bakery here in town where everyone learned about different types of icing, fondant, and then got to taste some delicious cookies!  Then, we made cupcakes, made icing, and then decorated cupcakes!  They were so beautifully decorated that no one wanted to eat them!

That was just the first part of our summer workshops, we still have openings for our workshops for the rest of the summer, including 2 more Mad Science and Engineering workshops.  Contact the extension office today to sign up and get in on the fun!