Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Climate, Comedy and Citizenship

Climate:  The temperature is rising. Gone are our cool mornings and overcast skies.  Today was sunny and hot, but with lots of breaks for water and some time in the shade and pool we had a great day!   

Comdey:  Tonight's evening program was called Channel Surfing. Our great bears relaxed on the couch and flipped through the shows on TV.  Each pack created two "shows" (skits) for the great bears to watch and the summer staff hosted the commercials.  Some of the "shows" watched included:  Say Yes to the Dress, ESPN News, America's Got Talent, the 4-H Camp music channel and more.   Many laughs were had!!

Citizenship:  This is one of the six pillars of character that we focus on here at camp and tonight at campfire a colorguard present the American Flag and taught us how a flag is retired.  It was a time of reflection for all.