Thursday, April 5, 2012

4-H Intermediate Congress

Are you 11-13 years old, and sad that you can't go to 4-H Congress at Virginia Tech?  We have a solution for that!  4-H Intermediate Congress just for 4-Hers 11-13 will be held July 9-11 at Virginia State University in Petersburg.  The theme for this year's intermediate congress is "Building a Blueprint for the Future."  They have workshops planned for those interested in making things out of duct tape, how to make solar ovens, making movies, audio engineering, and a workshop devoted to social media.  They will also be doing an exercise with the financial program Reality Store, as well as a scavenger hunt, going swimming, and going for a tour and having a picnic at Randolph Farm.
More information will be posted on the document library.  Registration will need to be in to the extension office by June 10th.  Contact the office if you have any questions!