Monday, March 19, 2012

Delaney O'Donnell Reports on Bit N' Bridle Happenings

On March 3rd, two members of the Orange County Bit N' Bridle club traveled to Ruckersville to compete in the District horse presentation, hippology, and horse bowl contests.

Delaney received a blue danish ribbon in the senior category for her presentation on the history of the horse. Charlotte received a red danish ribbon in the junior division for her presentation on horse colors.

In hippology, Delaney placed 7th in the exam, 4th in stations, 10th in horse judging, and 5th overall. Competing with Warren county, her team was 1st in exam, 2nd in stations, 1st in team problem, 2nd in judging, and 1st overall.

In horse bowl, Delaney was the 1st place senior individual, and was on the 1st place team.

Charlotte, on a team with Albemarle county, was on the 3rd place team in horse bowl.