Monday, March 26, 2012

Block and Bridle Contest Results Announced

Congratulations to 16 Orange youth who competed with over 500 youth in the state Block and Bridle Stockman's and Livestock Judging Contests this past weekend.  Orange brought home another state champion:  Julia Weaber, who was first place individual overall in the junior non-reasons judging category on Saturday.

Friday's Stockman's Contest yielded the following results.  In the junior division, Blake Hopkins was 8th in Quiz & ID, 8th in judging, and 6th high individual overall.  The junior team of Blake Hopkins, Andrew Miller, Stella Bradford and Autumn Rogers placed 5th in Quiz and ID and 4th overall.  In the senior division, Robert Nixon was 9th in Quiz and ID and Elizabeth Nixon was 6th in Quiz and ID and 8th overall.  The senior team of Robert Nixon, Elizabeth Nixon, John Michael Knight and Garret Chambers placed 5th in Quiz and ID, 2nd in Judging and Questions, and 3rd overall.

Saturday's event was strictly livestock judging, and oral reasons for 8 of our team members.  In the advanced division (giving oral reasons), Marlaina Johnson was 6th in sheep and goats.  Blake Hopkins placed 6th in cattle, 4th in hogs, 5th in reasons and 5th overall.  The advanced junior team of Stella Bradford, Blake Hopkins, Garrett Hopkins and Marlaina Johnson placed 4th in cattle, 5th in swine and 4th overall.

In the junior non-reasons division, Julia Weaber placed 5th in sheep and 1st overall for the 9-13 age group.  Her team, which included Gini Bryington, Brice Norford and Natalia Seitzer placed 4th in cattle, 1st in sheep and goats, and 5th overall.

Congratulations to all of the team members who traveled to Blacksburg.  Their next contest will be State 4-H Livestock Judging in June.