Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a Day!

Just as we broke for afternoon activities, some unwelcome visitors rolled into camp. Storm clouds! The first group at swimming was able to get wet in the pool, but that's about it! The storm was fast-moving, and we all took shelter, but swimming was not to be in the schedule for today. Campers received an extra hour of free time in the dorms and had a chance to get to know their new friends better.

Tonight's evening program more than made up for the loss this afternoon. Minute to Win It games were a HIT and got many, many campers involved in tasks such as stacking seven cupcakes on their forehead, resting dice on a popsicle stick held in their mouth, and knocking empty cans off a table by shooting rubber bands. Our adult volunteers served as game hosts and did a fantastic job of motivating the crowds. It's been hard to concentrate on this post because there is so much enthusiasm and cheering going on!!!

The Great Bears put together a memorable campfire experience last night and the teens had a funny house-building skit. The pack cheers have been a real hoot - especially that of the owls (pun intended) - and we're looking forward to another great event tonight.