Monday, June 27, 2011

Day is Done, Gone the Sun...

The misty skies of this morning are long gone, but so is the afternoon sun for that matter. We had two great hours of swimming and recreation this afternoon, plus one of the best lunches the 4-H Center has served! Grilled chicken breast pita pockets with lettuce and tomato, herb-roasted potatoes, and fresh cherries! The Center is participating in a fresh local foods program and our campers are the ones who benefit.

Tonight's special program was a carnival, and it would have given a commercial outfit a run for its money! Lil K (Madison Extension Agent Kelly Mallory) planned a series of more than 20 carnival booths with many games and prizes. Putting a 4-H camp spin on popular games, we saw push-light bean bag tosses to mimic darts, a reverse dunk tank in which counselors received good soakings, ping pong toss to win Swedish fish instead of live goldfish, and a snack walk instead of a traditional cake walk. Other booths gave tickets as prizes, and those tickets could be turned in for a chance on bigger prizes. Brandon won $25 cold, hard cash, Hunter chose movie tickets, Josh earned a McDonalds gift card, and Zach chose to put a pie in the face of a staff member of his choosing tomorrow night. Laurel will be treated to a delivered dinner from town!

The teen counselors did an outstanding job of leading campfire, with fun, energetic songs, a wild and crazy them-thar story, and a visit from Captain Health in his stunning red cape as he reminded campers to wear sunscreen everyday and be safe around the pool. The campers pass along the message that they love you and miss you, but we are all having a great time and enjoying a great camp!