Monday, June 27, 2011

4-H Campers Have Class!

It's a "classy" bunch here at the Center. Here are some glimpses of what's been happening this morning. The woodworkers have sanded all their wooden pieces and will be ready to start building tomorrow. Day Spa participants made stress-relieving balloons and created skits about proper stress management. The cheerleaders had a cardio workout before learning their routines, and GPS students are learning to map waypoints and use their receivers.
In T-shirt art, they prepared for next week by making Independence Day celebration shirts. Throwing skills and the rules of the game were on the agenda for Ultimate Frisbee and basketball players worked hard, but fought somewhat of a losing battle due to basketballs that wouldn't hold air very long - we're working on that! Young fishermen and women had good luck (or should we say, skill) with catches, and the knitting group got started with their stitches.
The weather's cool, the skies are overcast, but the 4-H spirit is raging! We're having fun...hope you are, too! E-mails are pouring in - literally - but please remember to keep them positive and upbeat so our campers feel encouraged to be here!