Monday, April 11, 2011

Six Japanese Boys Need 4-H Host Family for July 24-August 20

Local families have a wonderful opportunity for an international experience this summer without leaving the comfort of your home!  Six Japanese boys ages 12-14 still need host families as part of the 4-H LABO exchange program.  Host homes must have a boy within two years of the Japanese student’s age.  Here is an example of a youth who hopes to visit the U.S. this summer:

                14-year old boy, enjoys basketball, reading, listening to pop music; wants to live in different culture, see the great outdoors, play basketball, BBQ, fish, attend a county fair, possibly go camping; talkative, laughs a lot, intermediate swimmer, favorite subject is P.E.; cannot be in a home with indoor cats

To host a Japanese youth, please contact the Extension Office at 672-1361.  Think of what a summer 2011 could be – one for the history books because of a great experience as a 4-H host family!