Monday, April 4, 2011

District Contests Winners Recognized

Orange 4-H was well-represented in this past weekend’s District Contests.  Share-the-Fun talent, presentations, and public speaking individuals competed, as well as team horse events in quiz bowl and hippology.  Equine project youth will advance to the state Equismartz competition this coming weekend in Lexington, and senior competitors have the opportunity to advance to State 4-H Congress in Blacksburg in June.

Blue ribbon winners at districts included Lorynn Kilby, Jaclyn Phipps, Carly Ann Hanson, Sydney Copperthite, Christina Amoruso, Maiah Daniel, Garrett Ellinger, Aidan Templin, Star Dodson, Victoria Walsh, Mariely Aquin, Baylee Rollins, Christopher Place, Delaney O’Donnell, Charlotte Manvell, Wilhelmina Stover, Sara Bacar, and Victoria Boergermann.  Red ribbon winners were Gabby Rudnick, Brianna Holmes, Stephanie Boergermann, Haley Evans, Garret Chambers, Rebecca Akers, and Taylor Rollins.