Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Information on 2011 4-H Intermediate Congress has arrived

Attend 4-H Intermediate Congress the week of July 11- 13th and experience the 4-H spirit statewide on the Virginia State University Campus in Petersburg, VA. The cost is $50.00 this year and to attend you must be a current 4-H member age 11- 13! This year we will be celebrating 4-H through the theme: 4-H Rocks! Those who attend will have the chance to meet 4-H’ers from around the state, attend dances, participate in a variety of workshops, and much more!! If you are interested in attending 4-H Intermediate Congress this year or want to hear more about what happens at Congress, please feel free to contact the Orange Extension Office. The registration packet is now posted to the Orange County website at, All registrations to attend Congress are due by Friday June 17th!