Thursday, January 27, 2011


The State 4-H Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program (WHEP) Contest will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at Graves Mountain Lodge in Madison County. The region for the contest is WETLANDS. However, keep in mind that the Urban and Eastern Deciduous Forest region species may also be used for some parts of the contest in some divisions. Contest registration will be at 9:00 am. The contest will start at 9:30 and run until about 4:00.
Contestants, parents, volunteers, and anyone else attending must bring their own lunch, snacks, water and chair. This helps us get away without charging an entry fee! Please also dress appropriately for the weather. We will be outside some, regardless of the weather.

The updated National WHEP Manual will be our reference for the 2011 VA WHEP Contest and can be found at

Contest registration is due no later than Monday March 21st.