Thursday, July 22, 2010


The OCHS Anglers, took every possible place in the Junior State Qualifier the weekend of July 10th, except one: big fish, Junior Varsity: Winners advancing to the state finals to be held, July 31 and Aug. 1st at Smith Mountain were:

Kevin Beasley, Austin Clore, Travis Strother, and Steven Beasley.

Travis Strother 1st had 4 fish limit, big fish- 4.05 and total weight 9.67 lbs:. Stephen Beasley 2nd had 4 fish limit, big fish- 3.61, and total weight 8.52 lbs: Austin Mitchell 4 fish limit, big fish 2.10, and total weight 8.03: Big Fish overall for the tournament: Kevin Beasley 4.84 lbs. Junior Varsity member Dylan McGhee qualified to go to the State finals with his total weight of 1.83.

others: in Top 10: Kasey Henshaw: 4 fish, big fish 1.56, total weight 4.93: Austin Clore: 2 fish big fish 1.76 total weight 2.78;
Franklin Marrs: 4 fish, big fish 1.89 total weight 5.73; Michael Sidle 2 fish, big fish .72 total weight 1.76

A special thanks to Mr. Cole for serving as boat captain, Note: Mr. Cole has some bragging rights: he has posted a finalist in every tournament.