Thursday, July 22, 2010


The OCHS Anglers, took every possible place in the Junior State Qualifier the weekend of July 10th, except one: big fish, Junior Varsity: Winners advancing to the state finals to be held, July 31 and Aug. 1st at Smith Mountain were:

Kevin Beasley, Austin Clore, Travis Strother, and Steven Beasley.

Travis Strother 1st had 4 fish limit, big fish- 4.05 and total weight 9.67 lbs:. Stephen Beasley 2nd had 4 fish limit, big fish- 3.61, and total weight 8.52 lbs: Austin Mitchell 4 fish limit, big fish 2.10, and total weight 8.03: Big Fish overall for the tournament: Kevin Beasley 4.84 lbs. Junior Varsity member Dylan McGhee qualified to go to the State finals with his total weight of 1.83.

others: in Top 10: Kasey Henshaw: 4 fish, big fish 1.56, total weight 4.93: Austin Clore: 2 fish big fish 1.76 total weight 2.78;
Franklin Marrs: 4 fish, big fish 1.89 total weight 5.73; Michael Sidle 2 fish, big fish .72 total weight 1.76

A special thanks to Mr. Cole for serving as boat captain, Note: Mr. Cole has some bragging rights: he has posted a finalist in every tournament.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

State Fair Hog Show Information Released

Youth planning to exhibit hogs at the State Fair of Virginia later this fall should contact the Extension Office immediately for a copy of the new rules and procedures for this show. Hogs must be nominated (officially tagged) in order to participate and all entries will be made online this year. Several options exist for whether you sell hogs at the fair or not. Please see Kaci if you plan to show hogs at the State Fair!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Following are the Solids, Spots and Dots Club results from the Northern District Horse Show:

Taylor Creel on Super Sonic:
Hunter Pleasure Showmanship SR – 4th Place
Hunter Pleasure Horse Equitation SR – 2nd Place
Hunter Pleasure Horse GAYP SR – 3rd Place

Jaclyn Burke on N.H. Talk of the Town:
Hunter Plesure Pony Equitation Jr/Sr - 1st Place
Hunter Pleasure Pony GAYP Jr/Sr - 2nd Place
Hunter Pleasure Pony WTC Jr/Sr - 2nd Place
Reserve Champion - Hunter Pleasure Pony

Zoe Lumsden on Malibu Barbie:
Hunter Pleasure showmanship JR - 1st Place
Hunter Pleasure Pony Equitation Jr/Sr - 2nd Place

Molly Lumsden on Kitti's Karisma:
Hunter Showmanship SR - 2nd Place
Hunt Seat Equitation O/F SR - 1st Place
Regular Hunter (3')/Intermediate Hunter (2'6") Combine classes O/F - 1st Place
Regular Hunter (3')/Intermediate Hunter (2'6") Combine classes O/F - 2nd Place
Regular Hunter (3')/Intermediate Hunter (2'6") Combine classes U/S - 2nd Place
Champion Regular Hunter (3')/Intermediate Hunter (2'6") Combine classes
Grand Champion Northern District 4H High Point Hunter - Emily Jane Hilscher Memorial Award