Monday, June 14, 2010

Yep, it's Monday at Camp!

Not that we follow stereotypes all that often, but this was a MONDAY in every sense of the word. Overall we had a successful second day of camp. The weather was hot and sticky, but not totally rainy or wet. Just a couple of showers quickly passed by right after we went in for dinner, but that was it.

Today's theme celebrated the 1960s, so we had a 4-H March in which campers displayed their passion for a topic or issue. Each pack carried a homemade banner, and each camper was given the opportunity to make and hoist a sign that showed their feelings on the topic. Several groups chose the ongoing Gulf oil spill, several wanted more air conditioning at camp, some encouraged us to go green and clean up the Earth, and one group campaigned for more pool time. It was fun, and parents, you should be proud of the creativity and enthusiasm shown by your kids!

This morning in classes, the activities were varied, but great. Leathercrafters stamped and dyed leather wristbands custom fit for their arm. Woodworkers sanded the pieces to their birdhouses, and archery students practiced handling the bow. T-shirt artists crafted stamps out of dried macaroni and random puzzle pieces, and those in Fun with Foods enjoyed a throwback to the 60s when fondue became popular. Today's recipes were for cheese fondue and chocolate fondue.

Recreation and pool time went well this afternoon. It was hot, so the campers enjoyed a nice long dip in the pool. Of course, they also made certain to fully utilize the pool snack bar. We guess sometimes the camp meals just don't fully satisfy :).

Our Great Bears led a nice campfire and we closed out the evening with dorm meetings. The warm temperatures and long days of camp can wear out some folks and cause a few to miss home. We're hopeful that tomorrow's forecast cooler weather will help. Parents you can help, too, with encouraging e-mails and positive vibes for the campers. Just as they tell you all year long that Orange and Madison are "boring" or "there's nothing to do", remind them of the great opportunities we provide at camp. Things are going very well, and we're on track for another fabulous week of camp. Stay tuned for more happenings...