Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Made Good Deals

Last night's program was very well received by the campers. "Let's Make a Deal" offered prizes like McDonalds gift cards, beach towels, pool supplies, snacks for the dorms, and then zonks such as a pink furry hat, oversized sunglasses, and a wooden sailor decoy. The camp adults helped the spirit of the program by dressing in costumes. We had a hippie, a forestry fire fighter, fisherman, drive-in movie, fairy princess, and Little Red Riding Hood's grandma, to name a few!

Campers cooled off with a popsicle snack and then headed to campfire which was led by Great Bear Vee. Everyone joined in a round of "Happy Birthday" to our second Great Bear, Co-co!

This morning's class reports include:
Advanced cheerleading is choreographing a routine for their closing performance tomorrow. The high ropes students are learning to trust each other and work together, enjoying numerous obstacles on the course. Blue gills and a few bass are biting in the fishing class, and swimming students are becoming so much more confident in their abilities. Flag football, soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee are keeping the rec fields in use, and Horse Basics participants should be riding today.

The weather is good for now; we'll see what the afternoon brings. We have rainy day plans, but being outdoors in good weather is so much more preferred.

Stay tuned... :) BTW, e-mails are pouring in. Thanks for keeping them positive and encouraging!