Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Guest Blog by Camper "Trinity"

We noticed our friend Trinity was big on writing notes, so we invited her to be our guest blogger this morning. Trinity is a first-year camper, and here's what she had to say:

Going to the pool is awesome. In outdoor arts and crafts, we got to decorate rocks. We took napkins with decorations on them and either ripped them or cut them - I cut my edges - and then we glued (decoupaged) them on the rocks. We started making little mice using little pieces of wood like our nametags. We glued a pine cone on the wood for the body, and then a bead was the head. That's how far we got yesterday. Today we'll do more. Chipmunk (counselor) said we're tie-dying today! Yay!

In dance class we started practicing to Michael Jackson's PYT. Jazzy V is my teacher and she's cool. My third class is T-shirt art, with the Great Bear. We made stamps; I messed up on one of mine. I made a peace sign and then did fireworks out of macaroni.

At rec yesterday, I played card games the whole time. I didn't do much. The march was fun last night. We said, "Go Green. Save the Squirrels." That's my pack.