Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cooler Weather Is a BIG Plus at Camp

The MUCH cooler weather has been a MUCH welcomed pleasure at camp today. This morning started out really sticky and humid, but tonight campers will likely need a sweatshirt or jacket at campfire. (Side note: for those campers who ordered sweatshirts on Sunday, we were able to find enough extras between the two counties, so all campers who ordered and paid for them now have 4-H sweatshirts.)

Class reports from today:
Rocketry students came closer to preparing their model rockets for launch on Thursday. Fun with Foods campers celebrated the 1970s by making Egg McMuffins (invented in 1973) and completing lessons on food marketing and how commercials influence our food choices. Riflery continued to teach shooting safety and good marksmanship. The Outdoor Living Skills classes prepared for their overnight campout, and Outdoor Cooking made pizzas on coals and fixed "dirt" cups for dessert.

We had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Swimming and recreation filled the afternoon. In pack meetings, campers brainstormed gifts to give the Great Bear, and half the packs selected riddles or challenges for other packs during campfire tonight. Bear Claw Keeper Coach K reports a close race for the Spirit Stick.

Tonight's evening program...Let's Make a Deal, and boy, do we have some "deals" for the campers. What's behind door number 1? It might be a zonk...