Thursday, May 6, 2010

Japanese 4-H Youth Want to Stay With YOU this Summer!

There are still a number of Japanese LABO Exchange youth looking for a Virginia host family this summer. Youth range in age from 12-15, and list their "desires in America" as: learn about American food and culture, teach host family calligraphy and origami, try horseback riding and taking care of cattle...the list goes on. We in Orange County can DEFINITELY expose youth to these activities. Won't you consider opening your home?

Both males and females are still on the list waiting for placement. Their hobbies include music and playing instruments, fishing, arts and crafts, cooking, reading, swimming, sports, LEGOS, and more. Please contact the Extension Office for a complete list of youth looking for host families as well as their biographical info. Host families are needed July 22 to August 18.