Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Consider Hosting a 4-H'er from Japan!

Several Japanese 4-H youth are still looking for homes in Virginia this summer as part of the 4-H LABO Exchange program. Won't you consider opening your home to these visitors? It's a chance to make a life-long friend.

Some examples of youth who are coming to Virginia include: A 13 year old female who likes painting, tennis, camping, cooking, and drawing, and who wants to serve her host family in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Another girl is 14, likes shopping, tennis, cooking, and playing the piano. While in the U.S. she wants to take care of animals and play sports. A 12 year old boy likes eating, playing video games, and wants to see the Atlantic Ocean.

These are just a few examples; think of the fun your family could have this summer! Contact the Extension Office for more info about hosting. Host families need to have at least one child within two years of age of the visiting child. Host dates are July 22-August 18.