Wednesday, November 18, 2009

News Update from the Crazy Pets Club...

The Crazy Pets Club had their second meeting and to kick off Thanksgiving month, we all took a moment to give thanks for a particular animal in our lives and share what a gift that animal is. This month's meeting had us learning about animal tracks. We learned about animals who have one foot and animals who have more than eighty feet. Whether making true track replicas from plaster or recreating track patterns with candy, all members got to make and take their projects after comparing domestic animal tracks to their wild cousins'. We learned how many noses a snail has (you'll have to ask a Crazy Pets Club member!) and why they make that trail of slime. We also got to meet and touch a hedgehog! Yes, it was pretty awesome!

Join us next month as we gather in the spirit of giving at the Orange County Animal Shelter to learn about volunteerism and animal stewardship. The exact date and time will be forthcoming.