Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 State Junior Dairymen's Contest Results!!

Congratulations to the members of the Orange County 4-H Dairy Club who competed in the State Junior Dairymen's Contest on September 25th. The senior team, consisted of Molly Elgin, Coty Goodwin, Marty Harris and William VanLear, and they placed 7th in their division. Billy Cooper, John Goodwin and Tristen Goodwin made up the junior team, and they placed 9th in the junior division.

The Junior Dairymen's Contest challenges the contestant's knowledge of the dairy industry. Competitors must be able to identify dairy equipment, cattle equipment, cattle feed, and dairy products. In addition, they take a 50 question test, judge two classes of live animals and a pedigree class. It's a long day, but Orange County kids did a great job!! Congratulations again!