Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy Day, But a Sunny Camp Experience!

Through the rain and heavy drizzle all day, camp has gone on with a smile! Our afternoon program featured instruction and practice for many of the popular line dances kids do today. Cave meetings were next, and then the usual recreation and swimming time was replaced with indoor rec and games. The summer staff did a great job of leading activities and keeping the kids busy and upbeat.

We had a quick hospital run for one camper just before dinner, but that situation turned out okay, thank goodness! The camper was back in plenty of time to enjoy the dance, which was the ultimate goal. :) Between rec and dinner, we allowed extra time in the dorms for some rest and relaxation. Who are we kidding? That time was not used for sleep, but rather extra showers, time for curling hair, plenty of Axe cologne in the boys' lodges, and lots of preparation trying on special outfits for the dance! This is literally the highlight of the week for some campers, but it's a treat for the adults to observe as well. The campers are so cute preparing for the big event! One camper dressed up in a suit!

The dance is going on now, and the room is full!!! The kids seem to be having a great time with lots of fast songs, and are making a lot of good memories for the last night of camp. Unfortunately, our last campfire will be indoors as well, but we plan to end with a special ceremony to commemorate the 2009 camp. Yesterday it seemed the week would never end, but today it seems to have all gone by so quickly.

Thanks for keeping up with our camp activities. Stay tuned for more updates. Remember, Orange campers return to Orange Elementary at 6:30 p.m. Thursday; Madison campers return to Madison High School/Wetsel Middle School at 6:00 p.m.