Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The rains held off ... for awhile!

The light sprinkles at lunch turned out to be nothing; in fact, some classes didn't even feel the rain. After chicken nuggets for lunch, the afternoon program featured a "4-H Camp Live" show by the summer staff. This was a spin-off of the famous Saturday Night Live show and featured much camper involvement and interviews. We were able to enjoy swim and recreation time, though the weather was much cooler and more windy as the front came through. Dinner was spaghetti (not a camper favorite), but the orange sherbet dessert seemed to end things on a good note.

Our evening program was a game show night, featuring 4-H versions of Deal or No Deal, Money versus the Mob, and Fear Factor. Deal or No Deal contestants competed for bear claws, which are the 4-H camp equivalent of points. Bear claws are earned by packs for good deeds, winning competitions, and good behavior or performance. In Money vs. the Mob, campers answered trivia questions related to Orange, Madison, 4-H in general, and 4-H Camp. Parents: you should be proud of your little campers! Fear Factor was the grand finale, and boy, was it hilarious!!! Campers who signed up for the event drank carrot juice out of a baby bottle, went ice fishing with their toes, and then experienced several eating challenges. Wasabi peas, black forest worms, peppers, brussels sprouts, and chocolate covered grasshoppers made their way onto the tables. Don't worry: ALL participation was voluntary and the audience seemed to have as much fun, if not more, as the participants!!! :-) (Some of you can probably guess if your camper participated or not.)

Just as we were ready to move into campfire, the rains came! So we had snack under cover and then an indoor "campfire" in the Conference Center. Same traditions, different methods! Great Bear Erika Elford provided good leadership. The Outdoor Living Skills class moved their traditional overnight sleepover indoors, but they have tents and sleeping bags just the same. It appears the rain will still be here tomorrow, so we'll make more modifications on the schedule. Nighttime checks are almost complete. Stay tuned for more camp experiences tomorrow!