Monday, June 15, 2009

Morning Classes Were Fun!

The first night went well. There were a few cases of homesickness, but the counselors and adult volunteers handled them well. Breakfast this morning was french toast sticks, oranges, cereal, and bacon. Campers attended three classes, and we're now getting ready for lunch. In the fishing class, campers practiced casting on dry land before hitting the water. Canoeing students learned a few safety tips, donned life jackets, and went for some smooth rides on Lake Culpeper. Campers made homemade goop and sidewalk chalk in the arts and crafts class, and Woodworking youth sanded the pieces for their take-home tool boxes. Stay tuned for more updates!

At campfire last night, campers were introduced to a special "guest" at camp this year. We have a 'ReeseStrong' paper doll from a six year old girl in Richmond who is undergoing chemotherapy treatments all summer. Since Reese cannot be outside much, and cannot travel, her family created the ReeseStrong paper dolls to travel for her. We have a doll here at camp and are documenting our 4-H camp experience through photos, which will be shared via e-mail.