Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lunch time!!!

We made it through the morning successfully! Light sprinkles seem to be setting in now, but we're trying to look on the bright side. Campers cooped up inside at camp is NOT a good thing, as we're sure you parents understand. If it's just rain, we'll swim anyway!

Morning class activities included: Fun with Foods made omelets and chose their own toppings. It was funny how cheese was the most popular filling, and onions and green peppers were the least favorites! :-) LEGO Robotics programmed their robots to complete a challenge course. The campers' use of the computers and programming was amazing. Riflery and archery reiterated safety, and then practiced their marksmanship, with several campers hitting the bulls-eye. The fish were biting in fishing class, and outdoor cooking got a good fire going to toast their S'mores. Leathercraft individuals were pounding away (literally), but made some beautiful stamped designs that they will bring home to you. The hip hop class' dance moves are starting to come together--watching teens coreograph routines for youngsters is fun to watch!

Lunch time now--the campers are lined up singing camp songs while waiting to head into the dining hall. Keep those e-mails coming; we've received, printed, and distributed more than 100 so far.