Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If it's raining and you know it...

...clap your hands! Wait--that would be much too loud. Sure enough, the rains set in at the Center today, but we're carrying on with camp activities as best we can. GPS/Techno Treasure Hunt moved inside and students are making topographical maps of the camp using Play-Dough. Chorus/Singing students are jamming, with many strong voices and lots of clapping and movement. We tried fishing in first period, but it was too rainy for the campers' liking, so they're conducting class at Fairfax Shelter. Canoeing and swimming classes were cancelled because there must be at least ten degrees difference between water and air temperature in order to get in. So...they are conducting team-building games indoors.

The 4-H elves showed up for Woodworking sometime last night and finished projects that were lagging behind in order that campers may paint/varnish/decorate tool boxes today. Multimedia students are busy preparing photos for the much-anticipated slide show during tomorrow's closing ceremony, and the CIT's (counselors in training) are decorating for the dance tonight.

We're looking forward to taco salads for lunch!