Monday, April 20, 2009

District Contests Results

4-H District Contests for Presentations and Share-the-Fun Talent Shows were held Saturday in Ruckersville and Bealeton. In the Ruckersville contests, sisters Grace and Haley Wilbanks both earned blue ribbons and a top score of 100 (perfect!) for their presentations entitled "Bloat in Cattle" and "Scours Control", respectively. Brothers Andrew and Matthew Miller were blue ribbon winners in their contests, too. Andrew presented "How to Dock a Lamb's Tail" and Matthew delivered "How to Make a Hamburger". Judges commented that all four of these contestants definitely "did their homework" and had a great deal of detailed, scientific information.

Congratulations are in order to 4-H in-school participants, including Unique Stinnie, who earned a blue ribbon in vocal, and Deonte Lucas, who earned a red ribbon in presentations. Stay tuned for more results from the Bealeton contest!