Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Orange Youth Win Many Awards at Northern District Livestock Judging Contest

Congratulations to the numerous Orange youth who won awards at the Shadow of the Blue Ridge Livestock Judging Contest held in Culpeper in late February.

In the Junior division, the team consisting of Robert Nixon, John Michael Knight, and Blake Hopkins placed 2nd in cattle, 2nd in swine, 1st in sheep, 2nd in reasons, and 2nd in questions. The boys placed 1st overall in the contest! Team B, consisting of Haley and Grace Wilbanks, placed 4th in cattle, swine, sheep, reasons, and questions, leading to a fourth place finish overall! Great job for these two new team members.

Individually, John Michael Knight placed 3rd in cattle, 2nd in swine, 2nd in sheep, 1st in oral reasons, 2nd in questions, and was 1st overall in the junior contest. Blake Hopkins placed 1st in sheep, 5th in reasons, and 5th in questions. Haley Wilbanks was 3rd in swine, 3rd in sheep, and 4th overall. Robert Nixon placed 4th in cattle.

The Senior team, consisting of Elizabeth Nixon, Devon McGinnis, Kyle McGinnis, and Caleb Wilson, placed 1st in swine, sheep, questions, and 1st overall, as well as 2nd in cattle and oral reasons. Individually, Kyle McGinnis was 1st overall, 1st in cattle and swine, 3rd in sheep, 4th in reasons, and 2nd in questions. Devon McGinnis was 4th overall, 3rd in swine, and 5th in questions. Caleb Wilson placed 2nd in reasons and Elizabeth Nixon was 5th in sheep.

Congratulations to these 4-H members! Their next contest is in Blacksburg March 27-28, 2009, and is a state-level contest.