Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beautiful Weather - Great Kids - Another Great Day of Camp

Tuesday was a great camp day as well! The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, even a little cool. Our evening program was Kids Marketplace, a Cooperative Extension program that teaches youth about money management. Campers visited a series of stations in which they were given a job, a salary, and then bills to pay--such as rent, car insurance, groceries, etc. Youth had to make choices whether to buy name brand clothes or groceries, or store brands. They had to stretch their dollars depending on the amount of income they received. It appeared to be a great learning experience, and one that the campers enjoyed! Parents, take note: you're encouraged to continue to build on this activity at home. :)

The Virginia Wildlife Center was contracted for an afternoon program entitled "Critters Don't Need Litter", again keeping with our Go Green theme. Cornelius the Snake was a big hit--we have NEVER heard the campers so quiet! Hopefully campers learned to put litter in its place, and not in the open where wildlife can be harmed.

There were still a few cases of stomach upset and homesickness, but they're progressing well and our staff are doing of great job of providing comfort. Continue to send those emails--campers love them!