Citizenship Washington Focus Presents Wonderful Opportunity for Senior Level Youth

Attention, senior level 4-H members! Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) is a week-long 4-H citizenship program for youth ages 14-19 that takes place at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center<>, just 1 mile from the Washington, <x-apple-data-detectors://3> DC border.

Every summer, thousands of young people participate in the program, which provides opportunities for them to:

* strengthen their communication, leadership, and citizenship skills on a national level
* understand the importance of civic and social responsibilities as they relate to the development of better citizens and leaders
* exchange ideas, practice respect, and form friendships with other youth from diverse backgrounds.
* experience hands-on learning using the historical backdrop of Washington, DC
* CWF participants enjoy:

* a behind-the-scenes look at our nation's capital and the chance to meet Members of Congress
* motivational speakers, educational workshops<>, and assemblies that increase individual commitment to citizen involvement and build lifetime skills for success
* activities that encourage new and lasting friendships
* an enthusiastic staff of young adults<> that work directly with them
Participants are immersed in the culture and history of Washington through onsite workshops<>at its most spectacular sights<>.
Destinations include, but are not limited to:

* The Capitol
* Mount Vernon
* Arlington National Cemetery
* Presidential and war monuments and memorials
* Smithsonian museums

Virginia is assigned to the week of July 7-13, 2013<x-apple-data-detectors://0>. This is a tremendous opportunity for senior 4-H members. Applications are due to the State 4-H by Thursday, February 21, <x-apple-data-detectors://1> 2013.

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