Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hog Nomination Information for State Fair Released

The information has been posted for the swine nomination process. In 2018, we will utilize the same self-tagging process for swine as in previous years; however, the submission process is a little different (online submission this year).

In 2018, you will need to:
·           Request tags from a local site coordinator by July 15
·           Tag swine by August 1
·           Take 2 pictures of the swine
o   1 picture of tag in the ear
o   1 profile picture
·           Submit online swine nomination by AUGUST 1
o   Upload pictures online
o   Upload swine nomination form online

Please review the attached swine nomination information sheet for additional instructions and link for submission or online at

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Campers are Reaching Their Goals

The Leap of Faith is an incredible challenge for some (including those of us writing this post!), but our campers have conquered the challenge without problems. 

In "Art in the Air", projects have included hot air balloons and unicorn ornaments.

A Check-in With a Couple of Wednesday Morning Classes

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The muggy weather of summer is back.

Here are some snapshots from a few classes this morning.


T-shirt Art

Outdoor Adventure, Measuring Trees

Performing Arts, an Original Production

It's Crazy Hat Day!

Campfire Cooking: Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag and Peach Cobbler in a Dutch Oven


Arts & Crafts: Making Lava Lamps

And sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

An Aloha Experience on Tuesday at Camp

Parents, you have entrusted us with some GREAT campers this week! This is one happy place! Tuesday was Hawaiian Day and the aloha spirit was alive and well. Take a look at some of our fun.

Canoeing on Lake Culpeper and fishing along its banks...

 Aiming for the bullseye in Archery...

Navigating the High Ropes Course...

Working together on Low Ropes initiatives...

Conquering fears on the climbing wall...

The evening program was Cruise Ship Games to go along with our vacation theme. While there was no shuffleboard, there were other games such as...

Beach ball carry. Place a beach ball between your and your partner's back; race down to your counselor and back to your pack for a relay race.

Sling-shot a wet sponge toward a bucket. A teammate wrings out the sponge and the team to get the most water in the bucket after a certain time period wins.

Did we mention Hawaiian Day? These are 4-H clover shirts for the Great Bears and 4-H Agents. Missing: Lil K. She was working hard!

Then it was time to dress your counselor. You're a good sport, Toad!

On a warmer evening, this would have felt great! Fishing marbles from a pond of icy water! One pack retrieved ALL of the marbles!

What's a cruise ship without a fun family photo???

We sure couldn't do this without our adult volunteers. Thanks, Smylyn!

Another happy family (pack)!

His photo prop says it all!

And a beautiful campfire to end our day. The Great Bears and teen counselors are doing a FANTASTIC job of leading very spirited campfires, and the packs are putting together great skits, challenges, and chants! Again, parents, you've entrusted us with a great group!!!